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KINGBROTHER is committed to actively create value for society, establish and maintain good image of integrity, law-abiding and fairness, pay taxes according to law, take responsibilities to the natural environment, society and to economic development, protect the employees rights and improve their customer service levels, actively maintain national unity and social stability, support and sponsor social welfare undertakings, pursuit common progress and development of the company, customers, employees and society.

Employee Care

Praised as Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise and Advanced work enterprise in Futian district, Shenzhen, our company adheres to the people-oriented and pays to employee training, guiding, employees lawful rights protecting. The party branch, women's league, Labor union, and Youth League branch are committed to improve employees welfare to effectively protect their rights and provide a broad development platform and living environment. Through the reform to develop market-oriented employment mechanism, every employee will be treated as a valuable asset of the company's development who can work happily with healthy life, be proactive and continuously surpass to achieve win-win and common development between the staff and the company.


Social Responsibility

KINGBROTHER always adheres to the tax law and business integrity to return the society. Since its foundation in 1997, King Brother paid taxes more than 100 million yuan to fulfill tax obligations and contribute to the society.

We adhere to customer-oriented and strive to provide customers with quality products and services to respect and care customers. In the process of cooperation with suppliers, mutual benefit, friendly co-existence, constantly optimize the value space cooperation, create sustainable economic operation and provide stable employment opportunities, through cooperation to create a healthy economic operation order, achieve long-term win-win.

We try our best to participate in the social welfare. During holidays, our work union and volunteer league go to the welfare institutions and bring daily necessaries, greetings and love to the widowed and orphans. Our Love Helping Foundation was set up for the people and our staff who are in need and suffer difficulties.

At the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 disrupted people’s life and the positions of all walks of life. In particular, it has put a huge surge of pressure on the medical industry. Medical supplier are in short and upstream supply chain is also in urgent. Kingbrother rushed to the rescue and resumed production, fully supporting production and delivery of medical components.


Green Operation

Kingbrother participate in Social Environment Protection's duty actively, always been a Green and Environment-Friendly Enterprise. Accoring to IS014001 and OHSAS18000 System, built a treatment center which through design optimization, equipment renovation, waste water reuse and other measures, to reduce the production of solid waste, waste water, and wastegas. In 2019, the company's Photovoltatic Power Generation Project Onstruction, it adopts the mode of "self-use, with surplus electricity connected to the internet" to releve the pressure of the local power grid during the peak period of power supply, reduce noise and radiation, reduce coal consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and form a natural heat insulation layer to the energy consumption of air condition.