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Water Level Detection PCBA

The water level monitoring system is used to monitor and record the water level information of reservoirs, rivers, lakes, water plants, smart farms and other places online, and upload the data to the monitoring center in real time through GPRS network, so as to achieve the effect of scientific early warning and remote control.

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Conventional ProcessUnconventional Process

PCB specification for SMT

Length and WidthMinimumL≥50mm
L: > 460mm

W: > 400mm


The Thinnest0.5mmT<0.5mm
The Thickness4.5mmT>4.5mm

SMT mounting component specifications





QFP, SOP, SOJ etc multi-pinMinimum Pin Distance


CSP, BGAMinimum Spherical Distance0.5mm0.3mm≤Pitch<0.5mm

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Kingbrother are used own KBEDA SKILL design tools to provides professional design services, it is including high-speed PCB design, signal integrity design, EMC design and rectification, etc. The designed products are widely used in the fields of data communication, optical network, multimedia, aerospace, industrial control, computer, etc.


Kingbrother has excellent design capabilities to matching the customer’s requirements, such as maximum 60000 PIN for single board, 48 layers board design, 40Gpds signal design, 30pcs BGA on single board, minimum BGA spacing 0.35mm.


Kingbrother provides short lead time design service. The design amount 1000PIN could be done within 3 days, supported by a 7*24 hours technical issues and order services. Kingbrother is a PCB design and manufacturing expert. The team of 100+ PCB designers with average 10 years+ experience fully understand the know-how when the design goes to production, known as Design for Manufacturing (DFM). The PCB design service is mainly for high speed products applied in data communication, optical network, multimedia, aerospace and ADAS. The maximum capabilities for the PCB design service are 60000 Pins for a single PCB, 48-layer PCB, 40Gpds High Speed, and 30 BGA with minimum BGA 0.35mm spacing. We uses licensed Cadence, Mentor, ALTIUM that are compatible with all PCB file formats. The express service is also available with a best three day period in PCB design and two more days for PCB production.


SMT produces points per day3 million pointsIndustrial control, medical products
DIP daily output6000 pcsIt depends on products design
Integrated assembly output3000 pcsIt depends on assemble difficulty grade
SMT models mounts put into order line per day25-30 modelsit depends on device type of every piece product
Integrated assembly and order models5-10 modelsIt depends on device type of every piece product

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KINGBROTHER Technology is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in electronic hardware design, manufacturing and taking service as the key competitiveness. With the headquarter in Shenzhen, we established R&D and manufacturing center based in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hangzhou and Xi’an. The sales and service network has covered the countries where first-class electronic products R&D centers locate in the world.


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Kingbrother has been always focusing on high-stable and high-reliable manufacturing with high quality operational management, introducing the complete quality management system and non-disclosure system. Kingbrother has been certificated with ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001 / IATF16949 as the quality system and UL / CQC / CCC on products. The central lab was qualified by CNAS and CMA, with good assurance to serve high-reliable requirements.


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