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Multi-Layer PCB

1.Up to 64 layers;
2.Back drilling can reduce the loss on signal transmission;
3.Aperture ratio 15:1, plate thickness 0.4-10.0mm;
4.Blind buried hole technology, impedance control;
5.With Kingbrother’s technology inter-layer alignment deviation can be control within35um;
6.Adopt the special design methods- air vent design to improve the binding force between copper layer and hole wall.
7.Besides, our inner layer connection quality control method can improve the process parameters and special parameters, so that improve inner layer connection quality.

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Board TypeMulti-Layer
Layer Count≤68
SHENYI S1141, S1000-H, S1000-2, ITQE IT-180A, Halogen free: S1150G,  S1170G, Polymind(VT-901, Rogers 4000 series, High frequency materials, High speed materials.
Inner Copper10-12oz
Outer Copper12oz
Board Thickness0.4-11.5mm
Surface ThreamentENIG,ENEPIG,Plating gold,Hard good,HASL,Hasl lead free,OSP,Immersion Ag,Immersion Tin.
Technicial Feature1.Blind and buried hole;                                                                              
2.4-step stack HDI;                                                                                 
3.Width/spacing 3/3mil;                                                                           
4.Finished thickenss 10mm Max;                                                              
5.Peelable Mask;                                                                                  
7.Edge Plating;                                                                                          
8.Back Drilling;                                                                                           
9.Control depth route and drilling, press fit.
Application AreaElectronics Products, Communication Products, Industrial Control Products, Medical Products, Power and Energy Products, Information Technology, Photoelectric Products, Security Electronics, Automotive Products.

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pcb fabKingbrother provides a portfolio of high standard PCB products, such as multi-layer PCB up to 64L, HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, heavy copper PCB, high frequency PCB, high Speed PCB, high TG PCB, impedance controlled PCB, which are made from a wide range of top-brand laminates e.g. Rogers, Panasonic, SHENGYI, etc.

Kingbrother possesses leading PCB techniques in the industry, such as maximum 64 layers, 12mm finished board thickness, 15oz heavy copper and minimum 2.5/2.5 mil line width and spacing. More capabilities are available for your customization.

Kingbrother is also known as a PCB manufacturer with top speed. Flexible delivery schedules are all based on customers’ needs. A double layer PCB could be done in 24 hours, supported by a 24*7 engineering and manufacturing system.

deliver副本Prototyping Lead Time (<1㎡)

LayerLead timeQuick-turn Lead Time
2 layers5 Days48 Hours
4 layers6 Days72 Hours
6 layers7 Days72 Hours
8 layers8 Days96 Hours
10 layers9 Days96 Hours
12 layers10 Days96 Hours
14 layers12 Days120 Hours
16 layers14 Days120 Hours
18 layers15 Days120 Hours
> =20 layers16 Days144 Hours

mass production

layer countsLead Time (Day)
 Sqm  2L4L6L8L10L12L14L16L18L20L+

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KINGBROTHER Technology is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in electronic hardware design, manufacturing and taking service as the key competitiveness. With the headquarter in Shenzhen, we established R&D and manufacturing center based in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hangzhou and Xian. The sales and service network has covered the countries where first-class electronic products R&D centers locate in the world.


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Kingbrother has been always focusing on high-stable and high-reliable manufacturing with high quality operational management, introducing the complete quality management system and non-disclosure system. Kingbrother has been certificated with ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001 / IATF16949 as the quality system and UL / CQC / CCC on products. The central lab was qualified by CNAS and CMA, with good assurance to serve high-reliable requirements.


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